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Happy New Years!

Happy New Years! published on

So, the first post of a new year.


First off, I am still trying to figure out how to get all of the old posts back up, but for now, they are sittting in the data base, but unable to be recognised by the Theme we are using now.  Not sure how to fix that, but I am looking into the coding (in my copious free time).  If I can get them up, I will.

Second, the latest page of Warmage is finished, and the next one is started.  I am still staying a panel or two ahead of the art with the script, but I have the new plotting for the first issue finished now, so am hoping to get the script done quickly.  Spelledeg has let me know that January should be a better month for her, so I am hoping for more pages of The Law of the Jungle.  Since we have a working buffer again, I have been working on the next page for The Shadow War.  Those are labour intensive, but the layout is done, and I am setting up the shoot for the next day or so.

Third, I am trying to get the front page worked out.  I have more things I want to be showing on it, but the theme and some of my plugins are having a fight, and I make a lousy referee.  There will be some more changes to it as I get it all worked out.  Hopefully, it will be up and running correctly in the next week or so.

Fourth, submissions are moving again.  We have the workflow fixed, and e-mails are going out.  I will be posting something directly related to that in the next few days.



(This is going to be a good year for us!)


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