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Collaborations Chart

Current Titles and Information

This chart lists all of the projects at NO-Earth that have made it this far.  Each of these projects has as current a set of information as we can get, but some of them may be a week or so behind, as keeping this up to date sometimes takes a back seat to actually doing the work on the projects themselves.

If you are looking for a project to work on here at NO-Earth, there should be something to your liking here.

The Bumm Brothers Creative Team: Idea:  Mawkza

Writer:  Mawkza

Artist:  Needed

Status: Record Updated:  3/9/17

Pitch Stage:  We’ve accepted the pitch, and it’s awaiting review by the Editorial Board right now.

Synopsis: Two brothers on the run from their former Biker gang deal with the fallout from a Demon war.

Comeback Creative Team:

Idea:  Eagle

Writer:  Jeff Schmalz

Artist:  Bo Christian

Status: Record Updated:  6/18/17

Pitch Stage:  Almost finished with the Pitch stage.

Synopsis: Geoffry Kane was a Vigilante called Caine who fought crime as a licensed deputy.  He had a female sidekick, and eventually was in a scandal concerning her, and wound up doing 9 years for child endangerment.  He’s out, and trying to put his life back in order.  He can’t get his license back, but has decided to go back to being a vigilante. 

Crono Tec (Working Title) Creative Team  Writer:  Tylabs
Status Record Updated:  6/5/17

Dead Planet Creative Team: Idea:  Same Clevesy

Writer:  Sam Clevesy

Artist:  Daniel Marquez

Status: Record Updated: 6/4/17

Production Stage:   A rewrite going on.  We will post the old pages until the new pages start coming in.

Synopsis: Matthew Dudley took a job on Mars, figuring it was a far as he could get from his troubles and his past.  He didn’t know that he was running straight into more trouble than he had ever dreamed of before.  Combining space travel, zombies, and corporate intrigue with Purist problems mixed in.

Eddie Creative Team: Idea:  Eagle

Writer: Victoria Hennings

Artist:  Needed

Status: In the Pitch process.
Synopsis: A quasi-religious book.  Eddie is a roadie, a bass guitar session musician, and a wannbe song-writer.  He’s burned out on sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.  The Powers That Be decide that enough people have been worshiping those three items, that there needs to be a god of it, so Eddie is chosen.  It’s a comedy, a drama, and an exploration of how religion and faith work in NO-Earth.



Creative Team:

Idea:  Eagle

Writer:  Bill Coulombe

Artist:  Ubeh Gabriel

Status: Script is being finalised.
 Synopsis:  Carol Adams is dead.  With her, died the heroines she had been over the years; American Bombshell, Atomic Bombshell, Major Bombshell, and Bombshell.  Now, those that survive her attempt to pick up the pieces and go on with life.  Hope Bridell, a reporter for the Meta-Human Observer sets out to write Carol’s life story.  History, Super Powers, Action, Conspiracy

  The Expert Creative Team:

Idea:  Eagle

Writer:  Needed

Artist: Needed


Partial Script (5 pages), one piece of Concept art.  Concept is firm but script can be altered or re-written.  Plays with trope reversal.


A Asian stranger travels the land, studying the Western Martial Arts.  He leaves no name, no ties, and no trace.  Action, Martial Arts, Mystery

Getting the Band Back Together Creative Team: Idea:  Eagle

Writer:  Danni Glisson

Artist:  Baixam Kattaze

Status: Record Updated:  6/18/17

Currently in pitch stage.  Development is underway.

Synopsis:    Still under development:  a group of superheroes called The Band Of Heroes winds up breaking up a few months after Hellnight.  The book concentrates on getting them back together 20 years later.  Plays with the ideas of the celebrity culture of supers on NO-Earth.  Heavy dose of humour.

 John Doe Creative Team:

Script:  STH

Artist:  FieryDeath

Status: Script is undergoing what should be the final re-write.
Synopsis:  The world of the Specials is a powerful example of might makes right, with many of them not subject to any jurisdiction or authority.  John Doe is the world’s most feared assassin, a story that rides the Whisperstream with no one knowing the fact from the fiction.

 Johnny Reb Creative Team:  Writer:  Eagle

Artist:  Ubeh Gabriel

Status: Record Updated:  6/4/17

First issue:  Published, and for sale on the site!

Second issue:  Being written, and reviewed by the Editorial Board.

Synopsis:   In the Confederate States of America, the Govt runs a covert war against the Vigilantes that form what amounts to an underground.  Into this, a covert team attempts to insert a powered armoured undercover agent as a new Vigilante.

Kaiju Creative Team: Writer:  Orin Enloe

Artist:  Needed

Status In the Pitch stage.  The Editorial Board is reviewing it.
Synopsis:   Giant monsters on NO-Earth.  More on this as the concept is developed.

 The Law of the Jungle Creative Team:  Writer:  Eagle

Artist:  Spelledeg

Status: Record Updated:  6/4/17

First issue Published!

Second issue is being written, and reviewed by the Editorial Board

Synopsis: Melony Hawker was raised in a loving household, thinking she had a rare blood disease that required daily injections.  Then she learned that the ‘disease’ was Lycanthropy, and her world started coming apart.

The League’s Peacekeepers Creative Team: Idea:  Eagle

Writer:  Needed

Artist:  Needed

Status: Record Updated:  3/9/17

Concept Stage:  We’re looking for an ensemble international cast using Public Domain characters that avoids the problems and pitfalls of the standard superhero team book.  No JLA/Avengers analogs here.  The initial concept is that each issue focus on a different hero until something draws them all together for a joint mission, a sort of anthology with an overarching plot joining seemingly different missions together.

Synopsis: The League of Nations is the authority behind the Peacekeepers, a world wide group of heroes with a wide range of meta abilities and powers who handle threats, disasters, and relief efforts singly and in small groups. 

Legacy Creative Team: Idea:  Eagle and Bethany

Writer:  Needed

Artist:  Needed

Status:   Nothing but a bare bones idea at the moment.  E-Mail Eagle to work out enough information on it to do a pitch.
Synopsis   The last hero from one of the pre-Hellnight Superhero groups encounters a group of kids, and starts dreaming, not about what was, but what might be.

   Liberated  Creative Team:  Writer: Katie Cunningham

Artist:  Needed

 Status:    Currently in production, editorial stage.
 Synopsis:   Liberty Addams was made to be Bombshell: she’s a clone of the original, raised to be the ideal American figurehead and saddled with a name that’s as ham-fisted as it is unironic. Just turned twenty, Liberty’s looking at another year of speeches, marketing, troop visits and, occasionally, carefully filmed military strike force work.

And then the world ends.

 M.S.D. Omega Creative Team:
Writer:  Eagle

Artist:  John McGroody

Status: Record Updated:  6/4/17

First issue:  In Production.  Due to be printed as part of 2018 Blast.

Synopsis: Monarch Security Detachment:  Omega, is a covert wetworks team that operates as an overt CorpSec Specops team.  They are called to all corners of the world to resolve issues that regular Corpsec forces are not suited for.  This is the story of a ‘recruited’ professional cat burglar, as he gets inducted into the world of Corpsec action.

Pride Creative Team:

Writer:  Eagle

Artist:  John Bratus

 Status: Actively Posting (but very slow)

The Scarlet Avenger Creative Team: Idea:  Eagle

Writer:  Eagle

Artist:  Chris V.

Status:  Record Updated:  6/4/17
Script is being written and reviewed by the Editorial Board.  We are in the Concept Art stage.
Synopsis:    A public domain character, we have a modernised update on his origin and a number of possible story arcs, for an on-going series.

Shepherd Street Creative Team: Writer: Willliam Blaynat

Artist:  Needed

Status: Record updated 6/18/17

Pitch Stage:  Under Review


Triad   Creative Team: Idea:  Eagle

Writer:  Madison

Artist:  Needed

 Status: This project is under development.  There was a 5 page script that is being re-written, and some of the concept art will be showing up in the NO-Earth Sketchbook.
 Synopsis: Los Angeles has many Supeheroes, but Umbra is the one most Angelenos think of first.  The story covers the adventures of this hero, and the three brothers behind the mask.  SuperHero, Action, Adventure

 The Templars Three Creative Team:
Idea:  Eagle

Writer:  Bethany

Artist:  Needed


Record Updated:  6/4/17

Pitch is in, and being reviewed by the Editorial Board

 Synopsis:  A modern take on The Three Musketeers, set amongst the Swiss Guard at the Vatican.  It plays to some of the conspiracy theories that make up part of NO-Earth’s background.  Supernatural, Religious, Action/adventure

 Warmage  Creative Team:

Writer:  Eagle

Artist:  Eagle

Status: Actively updating


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