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Savannah Meyers – John Bratus

Savannah Meyers – John Bratus published on

  This one, and the one previous are John's digital sketches of the two main female characters for Pride.  Both of them are very distinct, but still showing his style off nicely.  We've seen the first page of Pride with Susan, but we're going to have to wait a few pages to see Sava.



(Next one is the sketch sheet of Leo)

Site News: Lot’s of new stuff!

Site News: Lot’s of new stuff! published on

New Site!

So the new site has been up for 2 weeks now, and most of the bugs are worked out of it.

[wc_fa icon="bug" margin_left="" margin_right=""][/wc_fa]

  Not all, but most of them.  If you run across something that isn't working properly, let me know. 


Staff Page!

  We now have a staff page up so you can see the kind of people who put this whole thing together.  The bios are a bit sketchy right now, but I am adding to them as the respective people send in their info.  While I do the web page itself, the rest of the crew does a lot of behind the scenes work.  This is not a one-bird show, by any stretch of the imagination.


There is more stuff coming, as this update of the site is not going to be quick or fast.  Think of it as on-going renovation and I have a large to-do list that I am working on.



(Retirement?  What's that?)


The Colby

The Colby published on

This is the sketch for Melony Hawker’s gun in the Law of the Jungle.  It’s impied that this model is what she has been asking for.  This was done with coloured pencil, technical pens, and a little watercolour pencil.  I have no idea what Spelledeg is going to have this looking like when we get to these pages, but I’m rather fond of this design.

(But I’m not the artist)

Valerie Hawker – Spelledeg’s Version

Valerie Hawker – Spelledeg’s Version published on

This is Spelledeg’s version of the same character, done in all digital medium. It’s affected the way I see the character, and it’s going to affect the way I write her from now on. This is an example of how an artist can totally change a character just by drawing her differently than the writer had imagined.

(I like this version better)

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