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The Shadow War – Page 1

The Shadow War – Page 1 published on

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Panel 1
Caption 1: Time Stamp

September 28

Phelps Genetronics plant.

Pensacola, Florida, C.S.A.

Caption 2: That’s the only tower that can see this stretch of fenceline.

Caption 3: That’s me in the KaneTech MK IV Stealth Suit.

Panel 2:

Caption 1: The KaneTech’s great for defeating infrared and starlight vision. It’s also got Nanovid Chameleon tech, but that’s only useful for hiding from eyes.

Caption 2: Rangefinder in the goggles shows 37 yards to the fence and 30 yards to the doorway. Piece of cake except for the guard.

Panel 3:

Caption 1: I’m about as ready as I can be. I just want the CorpSec to scan this section of fence so I can make a move.

Caption 2: I think this is it. I flip the suit on, letting the surface mimic ambient air temperature and zoom in a little closer on the guard. Step into the light, guy.

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