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The Shadow War – Page 4

The Shadow War – Page 4 published on

Just a quick little bonus for this page. This is the digital 'pencils' that I do for each page in the series. 

This is done in a 3D programme called DAZ 3D and the panels, layouts, and lettering are done in Comic Life 3.  From here, it's printed out, lain on a lightbox, and a comic board taped down on top of it.  I work in traditional inks and colours and redraw parts of the layout as I am working.  In this case, both gun pictures were re-drawn to to match the Air Supply Stienman that he carries instead of the Star Wars blaster standing in for it (I've recently added an better Broomhandle model to replace it) and the arm-screen picture was re-drawn (that's an iPhone stuck to his arm for reference).  The lettering on the gun and the lines on the arm-screen were added digitally after the board was scanned in.


  Notice that panels were also flipped, and captions were rearranged to a more visually appealing design.



(Hope you liked the peek)


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