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Some updates!

Some updates! published on

Hey everyone!

NO-Earth has been going through a few growing pains, so some of the things that we do have not been happening on a regular schedule.

I thought it was time to lay out a few things, and let everyone know what’s going on behind the scenes.

First off, we are a CO-OP. We depend on a small, dedicated group of creators and support to function. We are not taking in a lot of money, and we have no outside funding (except for monetary assurance for printing/convention costs), so we don’t have any paid staff. 90% of the money we take in goes to the creators, leaving the other 10% for operating costs (which are being subsidised by our parent company, Eclectic Enterprises). For this reason, we don’t have anyone (including myself) doing this full time.

So we are constantly looking for ways to make this easier on all involved behind the scenes.

One of the things that I am completing work on this week is transferring all of our documents concerning NO-Earth (including background info, pitches, scripts, proposals, etc) into Google Docs so that people can work on things in a collaborative fashion, instead of passing the files around by e-mail the way we had been doing.

My main job here, other than Cat Herding, is Line Editor. That means that I am responsible for making sure that everything we put out fits together into this shared universe that is NO-Earth. This means that I am basically the keeper of the story. I have a nice binder with every page we have finished in it, in chronological canon order. Yes, this means flashback pages come before main story pages, and so on, but in the end, what I have is the story of NO-Earth, and anything new has to fit within that without changing anything already in it.
I hate ret-cons.
So my part in all of this is going through each pitch, each proposal, each script, and making sure that there is nothing in there that is going to clash with what we’re already doing. I go through the art to bring it in line with what other artists are doing. If we have already shown what something looks like in one book, a new artist does not get to change that on a whim. That’s just the way it has to be in order to get this universe to hang together, and that’s my job.

We’re currently posting pages for several books, but the main ones are The Law of the Jungle, Warmage, and Johnny Reb. We are back on a every monday schedule with that (some times Tuesday, but at the start of the week), and as we get the system down better, that will become more regular.

I have been hitting a lot of Dallas and Houston conventions, seeing which ones we want to sink money into to show at. The next one we have on our schedule to be set up at is North Texas Comic Con in November. I will do a blog post giving more information on that one soon, and we will have Warmage #1 published by that point, so will have two books for sale. I am going to try to get Johnny Reb done by then as well, as I really want to fill up a comic rack with NO-Earth comics!

(More Later)

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