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Warmage Cover test – Eagle

Warmage Cover test – Eagle published on

  This is a test run for the new Warmage series coming Monday.  This is done on a 3D render programme called DAZ 3D, with post-work being done in GIMP.  To quote the standard comic book line "Not final art!".  Seriously, the model has been heavily re-worked since this shot was taken, but will still have the same look and feel, but be a little less 'human' looking.

  I know that 3D art is not recieved well in some places and by some comic book fans, but part of the attempt here is to give the comic book a less 'photo-cap' look.  As a bonus, here's a rough panel from page 1 to show you more of the effect that I am going for on this one.


(Hope you like it)

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