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New Stuff Coming!

New Stuff Coming! published on

Ok, you’re just going to have to get used to checking this blog, because there is too much happening right now to not be posting on a regular basis.


Johnny Reb has an artist now.  I’ve taken the script off of the documents page, and changed the collaborations chart, and I have to say, I am excited about this one.  I hope to be posting some of the sketches in the next few weeks leading up to the launch of this new title.

And John Doe is coming down to the final re-write.  This is a project we’ve had going for a few months, but re-writes can take a while when we’re trying for a good set of interconnected stories.  The comic already has an artist attached, so the script is the only hold up at this point.

We have been doing a big push for new collaborators over the last week, so there are lots of new projects that are being fed into the pipeline.  At last count, we have 2 dozen pitches in various stages, and I’ll be telling you about some of them that I’m excited about as I get a moment free.



(Going to be a great year for us!)

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