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New Creators published on

Our last round of open submissions has gone well, and we have a lot of updates that are going on to the Collaborations Chart as well as the site as a whole.

We have a possible artist for M.S.D. Omega.  I have looked over the portfolio, and am pleased with the work, so we’re just awaiting concept sketches and then production will start on that series.

Johnny Reb is going through the sketch process and I will be posting a teaser or two very soon.  I like the way the art is looking, and think it will be another diverse art style for the comic line.

Initial sketches are coming in on John Doe, and the layouts are looking good.  I’m hoping to see some more detailed concept art soon, but that title is on track.

We still need an artist for Dead Planet, as that script is finished and in the documents library.

We have development on a Scarlet Avenger series, which will be written by me and drawn by FieryDeath.  We’ve had some good talk on the direction of the series, and seem to have the same goals for it.  It’s going to be different in that he is a costumed vigilante, but Crime is not his target.

NO-Earth is moving fast, so keep an eye on this space, lots of updates are going to be coming.



(And mail is getting answered, so please be patient)

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