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Just a few pieces of news

Just a few pieces of news published on

For those of you who are not doing so (which means most of you based on the follower numbers), we have both Facebook and Twitter open. You can follow us on both of them, and see posts and blogs show up in your feed.

NO-Earth mirrors our comics on Tapastic and Comic Fury. I am working on the changes to the site to bring these sites into closer connection with our main site, so that people on one site can have access to more of what makes this site a good resource for our fans. The other side of that will be joining together the comics on the mirror sites to encourage cross-over reading.

I have been working on Warmage for the last week, and starting to make some progress on it. We just need a few more pages till we can take that one to press, and I want to get it in print in time for the November North Texas Comic Con.

Hopefully, I will have some big news for you in the next few days. There are things at work.

(Thanks to everyone who has helped keep this going!)

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