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Johnny Reb – Cover

Johnny Reb – Cover published on

EDIT:  The original cover was pulled due to the fact that it was copied from another IP.  This is a replacement cover.


We're debuting a new comic today.  Like all of our others (there's a list down the page), this one is set in the same universe, and will have references and eventually cameos from other books. 

The art is done by someone new to the NO-Earth CO-OP, Ubeh Gabriel.  He's already turned in the first issue, so we have now sent it to the printer, and it will be debuting at the North Texas Comic Con on January 28th, 2017. 

This is the most political, social, and potentially controversial script I've ever written, so as you are reading it, bear in mind that it presents a lot of different viewpoints, is a work of fiction, and what the characters are saying are not my beliefs.  Who the heroes and villains in the piece are will be shifting as more information and personalities come to light.  You want to know what my views on some of these issues are, ask. 




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N/A: Famous Monsters Convention - Dallas!
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