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William Charles Bonham

William Charles Bonham published on

In 1978, Senator Bonham was well on his way to being the next president of Texas. A centrist between the ruling Rational Anarchy party, and the Alamo party, he was close to having enough independent votes in both the House and the Senate to be confirmed on that year’s Referendum.

A single bullet fired from over 300 yards away went through him, centre mass, in the middle of a political rally held at the Alamo itself. A gunman was later caught, named Robert Quincy Lee. He is serving a life sentence (rare in the R.O.T., one of the bastions of restorative justice) a the Buford National Prison, in Huntsville, and still maintains his innocence.

Certain factors about the case have always Led conspiracy theorists to point to the Bonham assassination as a prime example of the secret powers behind the scenes.

The shot was near perfect, instantly piercing the heart, and Bonham was probably dead before he hit the ground. Lee had no military record, nor any formal training in firearms, hacl grown up in Dallas, never lived in the country, and had never owned a gun capable of that type of accuracy. The gun that was recovered was a used hunting rifle( Lee had never hunted), chambered for the .320 Crockett round, normally used in sniper weapons due to the flat ballistics at 100 yards, and not generally a hunting round. The bullet vanished sometime after the autopsy, but before it could he matched to the gun. Theorists have questioned the accuracy and honesty of the photos of the rifling marks that were made by the Bexar police. The Starbright VIP unit hired by the Bonham office was given an erroneous stand-down order 20 minutes before the shooting.

There is every possibility that the questions involving this will never he answered, nut officially, the case is solved and closed by the Texas Ranger unit.

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