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Tel Aviv Armour Concepts

Tel Aviv Armour Concepts published on

Cutting edge is so far behind the people at TAAC, that they can’t even spot it in their rear view mirrors. Founded in 1969, it is a privately held company put together by a collection of Jewish WW IT refugees who felt that the best way to avoid another Holocaust was by being the leaders in not only weapons design, but in methods of defeating weapons as well. For that reason, it was felt that rather than start a company to manufacture things, they should start a research company with a manufacturing facility to back it up. The results took until 1987 to show fruit, hut in that year, TAC came out with it’s first product, the Laminate armour which is now standard in all Tac-Suits, body armour, and space suits.

Once the floodgates were open, new products started coming out of the pipeline at alarming rates. while it took 18 years for the first product, TAAC now releases a new product line every 6 months to 2 years, and has included over half of the new armour materials of the last 50 years, including Sheer-Gel, Spydersilk, Ceraloy, and their new nano-sphere armour, TACLite. TAAC now has outlets or authourised dealers in most of the free world, though the Israeli Govt has outlawed sales to any countries that are felt to be hostile to the Jewish State.

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