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Stealth Suit

Stealth Suit published on

There are any number of companies that make various versions of stripped down Tac-Suits called Stealth Suits, but only a few of note.  Kanetech dominates the field, but Red Sun has a decent market share, and several other manufacturers fill in the gap with small runs of suits.

A stealth suit usually consists of lightened armour, temperature controlled surface, and a suite of ECM and passive detection systems to circumvent IR, Ultrasonic, and other types of alarm fields.  newer models usually have some form of cloaking, usually video based, that allows on the run switches in camo patterns, but rumours abound that Kanetech has something more impressive than their Chameleon armour coming out next year.

Most Stealth Suits start at 1,000 gold ounces, and the sky is pretty much the limit after that.

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