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Since Hellnight in 1996, Psychic (now known as Psionic) research has grown in leaps and bounds. Initially, it was thought that only those people who were affected on Hellnight could utilise psionic powers, but numerous studies by Govt, Corp and Academic groups have shown that anyone is capable of learning them, though some are more attuned to them than others.

Psionics break down into distinct power families, and all consist of related abilities. Examples include Psychokentics (sometimes called telekentics, but dealing with manipulation of physical objects), Thermokentics (dealing with manipulation of temperatures; Pyrokenesis and Cryokenesis fall under this), Telepathy, and Teleportation. There are other disciplines as well, but academic opinion remains mixed on whether they fit under the ones listed above or not.

While there are occasional examples of spontaneous manifestation of psionic abilities, the general consensus is that they must be taught by a psionic, preferably a telepath who can open ‘pathways’ in the mind of the student.

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