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Port Placido

Port Placido published on

An island paradise, it sits just 225 miles off the south-east coast of Florida in the C.S.A. While the island is less than 20 square miles, it has an out-sized impact on the world due to its financial and political importance.

Tourism, banking, and power brokering are the main industries of the island nation and in each case, the unique anarchical nature of the place comes through. With less than 10,000 permanent residents, but an average population of over 50,000, travel to and from the island is both easy and inexpensive, aeroplanes, helicopters, airships, and boats all plie the tourism and business travel trade.

Sam Post is the current governor of the nation, a title left over from the days when the island, was a British possession, and rules with a loose, but firm fist. While the island is the home of the grey Market within the western hemisphere, Post realises that the freer the law, is, while still maintaining order and securitv, the better the island’s economy does.

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