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Phelps Genetronics

Phelps Genetronics published on

Located in Pensacola, Florida, Phelps is a major player in the genetic engineering field. Currently headed by Martin Phelps, the son of the founder, George Phelps, the corporation has patents in most areas of genetic manipulation, and copyrights in a number of specific gener forms.
The company has three main operations, Genetic Engineering, Breeding, and Sales/Lease.Some of their gener lines are on third commercial generation, and since they have specialised in feline Geners from the start of the company, have pretty much cornered the market on cat geners. In recent years they have started working on some Uber Geners, but it appears to be a sideline, as several other companies have decades of headstart.
Phelps is a well—known company in military and security Geners, and is constantly striving for more market share.

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