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While cars are the main form of transportation for most people in the industrialised world, there are certain aspects that look strange at first glance. Most cars are built on a concept- called the 10 point system. This is a standard means of attaching a chassis to a frame, and allows a small number (8 currently) number of frames to serve as the base for all cars and Light trucks, and a total of 12 manufacturers produce 90% of those frames. The other two components are the engine and the body. the engine is still called such by some, but most people now refer to it as the Plant, short for power plant, since said “engine” might be electric, steam, diesel, gas, hydrogen, or natural gas. Some of the larger frames now come with Nickel Lattice reactors as a standard plant option. The end result is that most people will keep the frame for years, just upgrading plants and changing bodies. Some car fanatics even go so far as to have several bodies in their garage, and change them out (the process takes less than a half hour) for different purposes or looks.

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