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Up until Hellnight, Magick was commonly thought to be mythical and the stuff of fantasy media. Even today, two decades later, there is still some long lingering doubts, accusations of demonic control, mass hypnotism, and outright fraud. Most secular universities now have some sort of Special Abilities department, with a Magick professor, at the very least. Degrees are given, Doctorates are bestowed, and Metaphysics labs are the new norm. Most police departments have a Special Crimes or a MetaCrimes department and the FBI has a ParaCrimes Department that employs over 180 Magick enabled agents.

Businesses have been faster to adopt Magick, but the art does not lend itself well to mass production, so it tends to be more prevalent in service companies such surveyors, pest control, and private investigations. It also shows up in odd places such as construction, mining, and engineering, and more uses for Magick pop up every year. Of course small scale Magick is everywhere, usually as a status symbol since buying a gadget generally costs about 25% of the price of buying a Magick Object that does the same thing.


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