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L5 Outpost

L5 Outpost published on

The L5 Outpost was first put into place with 2 habitation modules in 1993. By 1998, it had grown to 27 modules, including Aquaponics, laboratories, an manufacturing. It currently houses over 100 scientists, researchers, and Corp employees. Since it was (and continues to be) financed by a conglomeration of Corps, it has always been used for commercial purposes first, but since scientific advances often have commercial applications, there is some pure science that goes on there.

The Outpost is armed, which was done over the objections of the League of Nations, as well as several of the larger Govts. It was pointed out by the conglomeration, however, that there would never be a successful attempt to ‘nationalise’ L5, and the armaments are simply to insure that.

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