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Located in the Republic of Texas, where they take full advantage of the laws concerning private ownership of military-grade weaponry, Kanetech has been in business for over 20 years. The foremost manufacturer of Stealth Suits, the KaneTech name is symbolic of quality and innovation. While AdlerTech created the Tac—Suit in its modern form, and the Stealth Suit is a spin—off technology from that, aside from making a model to showcase a new bit of tech, Adler has left the main share of the market to KaneTech.

KaneTech has consistantly shown new products and improvements in old models, being the first to have ultra—sonic jammers, Nanovid Chameleon tech, and reactive computer controls for changing threats.

The company has a reputation for constantly working new advances into current models, and retrofitting for very low prices, to the point that there have only been three distinct model changes in 23 years (the MK I isn’t counted, since it was the prototype testbed.).

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