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Ionic Flight

Ionic Flight published on

In the 1960’s, several military groups and universities started experimenting with Electro-Hydrodynamic Thrust (EHO), now referred to as Ionic Thrust, and determined that although the efficiency was excellent, there were no sounds, zero emissions, and infrared invisible, there were a few major problems. The first was that the sort of voltage needed to operate such a vehicle capable of carrying any sort of payload was beyond what the craft could carry a generator. The Math just didn’t work. The second was that the size of the engine was so massive (even with no moving parts) that the craft was considered to he impractical. Once Nickel Lattice nuclear reactors became available, the old tech was dusted off, and the first consumer Ionocraft was released as a luxe pleasure vehicle called a sky launch, with other models scheduled for near future releases.

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