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Hydroponic Farms

Hydroponic Farms published on

As the 70’s and 80’s rolled along, and food shortages became the norm, different things were tried, including ‘genecrops’, manufactured foods, cultivated foods, and other such concepts. The one that stuck was the collection of selective breeding, indoor farms, and advancing sciences that are collectively know as hydroponics.

The Math was simple. A pound of tomatoes takes 8 gallons of water to grow, large amounts of nutrients, space, and so forth. Hydroponics reduced the water by 1/4, allowed waste water to he cleansed as part of the process, and allowed a 1 acre footprint building with 10 stories to produce food year round that would feed a city of 200,000, and be within the city itself, eliminating transportation costs and storage facilities. By the late 90’s, Urban hydroponic farms were big business, and had started catering to gourmet tastes as well as the need for cheap, reliable food.

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