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Emily Curtis

Emily Curtis published on

Emily Curtis was the 20th century’s first openly lesbian costumed special. She first appeared on the scene in the early 1950s under the name of Fireworks and caused a stir with her almost masculine costume. Within a year, she was teamed with American Bombshell and rumours began to fly about their personal life. In 1958, shortly after the team broke up, she admitted on national TV that she was a Lesbian, and 3 months later had a sidekick going under the name of Shortfuse. Due to her stature and apparent youth, there were new and disturbing rumours concerning an inappropriate relationship, but nothing was ever proven.

Curtis is a Mutant, able to absorb and store energy from explosions and release it later in focused bursts that can be targeted up to 100 feet away. While this was a good match-up with American Bombshell, the power has proven to be a liability due to the nature of explosions, and she has had several lawsuits filed against her, as well as the occasional criminal charge.



NO-Earth Comics
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