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Croft Communications Company

Croft Communications Company published on

Started in the early 2000’s by Michael Croft, a former Scorcher, C3 has become a company with an almost revolutionary message embedded in its product line. Specialising in products that break various types of security, they have managed to hack Omni-Chips, Rosetta chips, various types of encryption, and most famously, the U.S.A.’s NSA mainframes. Croft is now wanted in various locales for aiding espionage, but has actually not left the island nation of Port Placido for more than 15 years. All of the company’s products either enhance personal privacy, or break Govt/Corp privacy or surveillance methods. In addition to numerous products available for sale in countries around the world (depending on local laws, C3 offers custom services for individuals based on a personal interview and evaluation of the problem the customer has. These services run From free (for very worthy causes) to very expensive depending on Croft’s whim.

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