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Founded by Michael Colby in 1993, Colby Arms was the first company to produce a viable Electro-Magnetic needle gun. The first one was a rifle, but the main market for the technology has been in the realm of sidearms and shortarms. Colby now manufactures more than the rest of the industry combined, and is the first company most people consider when purchasing a Needler. There are 8 basic designs, with a wide range of furniture options, ranging from combat models to hideout pieces. Interestingly enough, some of the niche markets that Colby has cornered include fashionable sidearms for women, Preter Hunters (using silver-plated steel needles), and hideout guns for professionals of all types.

The standard action used now in their main weapons uses nano-layered batteries and electro-magnetic coils hooked to a series of nano-constructed capacitors and fire a standard .072 calibre carbide steel needle with a high enough iron content to keep it ferrous. The magazines for the larger models contain the battery packs, but for the smaller guns, the battery is built into the gun itself, which then has to be plugged in to recharge, though some models are RadEn compliant.


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