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Cerberus Geneworks is without a doubt the largest genetic Corp in the world, having facilities in 18 countries on every continent, and offices in just about every major nation, and quite a few smaller ones. The company employs right at a million people, and is the major employer in several areas where facilities are concentrated.

Cerberus manufactures Geners, creates Ubers, and dabbles in other genetic manipulations- They specialise in Govt and Corp contracts rather than consumer sales. They do run several ’boutique’ enhancement shops but these are more for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful than the average consumer, as Bioware is a sideline for them.

Their Gener product line includes dolphins, bears, wolves, hyenas, dogs, cougars, and rats. Ubers are mostly enhanced for speed, strength, and endurance, though company literature available on the Innernet indicates that they are branching into espionage Ubers with the next generation.

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