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Carol Addams

Carol Addams published on

Carol Addams was a secretary for a government project for the united States that was attempting to create a super-soldier. The project was on the verge of being shut down due to a lack of results, and a number of catastrophic failures resulting in the deaths of several test subjects. Through an after-hours accident, Carol wound up being dosed with a chemical that altered her genetic code, producing the powers that the researchers had been looking for.

Her main power is her Detonation Gaze wherein if she looks as something that has the potential to explodes she can detonate it. she also gained super strength, flight, and a kinetic energy absorption fields which has the end result of slowing down or stopping most projectiles, and even the Force of explosions and physical attacks.

She has gone under several different names in her career, including Major Bombshell, Atomic Bombshell, American Bombshell, and Bombshell. Her associates have included various teams that she was a member of, sidekicks, partners and two husbands. She worked as a Government (USA) sponsored hero in the ‘s and 50’s, but quit during the 60’s to pursue her own goals.

She recently passed away, but the closed coffin funeral, as well as Innernet rumours have kept afloat speculation that she is still alive, having aged very little since the 40’s.

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