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Under the 1997 Armed Forces Reorganisation Act, the multiple anti-terrorists teams that were in the USA arsenal were combined under the USAS (United States Armed Service) as BEACON. Composed of old Army Delta Force, Navy SEALS, and other specialists, and working with the F.B.E. HRT, the 20 team BEACON force was now well stocked with talent.

BEACON is now considered to be the best trained arid most effective anti-terrorist unit on the planet. the Teams also have a reputation for speed and ruthlessness that includes a long list of dead terrorists and more than a few dead hostages. Stationed at strategic points around the world, at least one team can be on-site within 90 minutes of any situation.

Due to changes in U.S.A. law, BEACON has automatic jurisdiction over any terrorist incident on American or American-controlled soil. Since a significant amount of terrorism is directed at Corps, this has led to some near clashes between BEACON and CorpSec teams.

Each Team is a platoon sized group of operators broken down into 4 8-Operator squads, with a company sized support ream that includes medics, snipers, reconn, command, negotiators, transport, and hackers.


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