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Avitrix Corp

Avitrix Corp published on

Established in 1920 in Colorado Springs, CO, Avitrix is world famous for the number of aerocraft for the civilian and small business market that are produced every year.

Avitrix produced mostly prop planes until the mid 1980’s when jets and turboprops became cost effective. Not content with merely manufacturing a few thousand planes a year, Avitrix makes 28 models, in a price range from 10 ounces to over 500. They range from 2-seater’s with 2 hours flight time to small business craft that can cross continents or oceans. With the current craze for alternative power sources, Avitrix has lead the aviation industry’s push for environmental responsibility with a wide range of motive power options.

Several of their models are equipped with ‘Executive Protection’ packages, including chaff, decoys, and escape seating.

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