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First developed during the 1800’s, airships have been a constant sight in the skies since the 1890’s. Initially, various methods of construction were tried, along with different lifting gases, but a series of disasters, and new technology resulted in the rigid framed helium dirigible being the standard. The two main variations on this are the Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) craft which depends upon ballast and gas release, and the neutrally buoyant crafts which use a lifting body and engines. While slow, and dependent upon fair weather, airships are capable of transporting huge amounts of cargo as cheaply as ocean-going vessels,and with greater speed. The are also the luxury transportation method of choice for most people, since airships don’t have the same weight/space limitations as other forms of travel.

Prices are generally around 5 silver ounces for 2nd class, and 1 gold ounce for 1st class.

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