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One of the many arms companies that operates in the R.O.T., Adlertech specialises in Tac-Suits and related components. The first company to develop what is now known as Chitenous Armour, and the first to adapt the larger scale innovation of Cerraloy to Tac-Suits, Adlertech has a solid history of staying ahead of the curve in new products, while still lagging behind the rest of the industry in terms of overall production.

The current head of the Corp is Jerry Adler Jr., the son of the founder. Adler Sr is still involved with the company, but mostly as a researcher and engineer. His daughter, Christine, is currently with the Lone Star Rangers mercenary unit, but also holds the title of Product Testing Engineer.

The latest Adlertech product is the Urban Fox line, which is a truly modular Tac-Suit system allowing for rapid changes of configuration in the field using a specially designed cargo container as a mobile workshop/tender.

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