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An Apology

An Apology published on

For those of you not aware, I have been dealing with Cancer for the last year.  This means that I had to prioritise everything that I was doing, as I was stuck in bed for 9 months of that.  Things such as the website and posting comics fell farther down the list than making comics.  So, during the last year, we have published two new comics, and are about to start publishing pages on the site again.  We have a lot to put out, and I think you are going to like what the new books do for our shared universe.


(Short entry this time)

Trade Dress Template

Trade Dress Template published on

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Owner: Eagle

Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 12-01-2018 18:05


Trade Dress Template.gif

This is the template used to see if your comic cover fits within the editorial guidelines for trade dress.  Your cover should be the exact same size and ratio as this template, and you should not have any essential art in the reserved areas.  Just place this transparent layer on top of your cover, and see where the blue lines fall.



Spellbound is coming!

Spellbound is coming! published on

So we have a new script by Kerry Brunell that has finished the Editorial process, and have an artist for the series, Joe Tolliver. This one will be included in our 2018 production schedule (which will include a new comic being published every month)

Spellbound is set in New Baltimore, a city rebuilt after Hellnight, and follows two Special Crimes Unit cops as they deal with threats to the city involving Specials, with an emphasis on the Magickal crimes. Here’s some of the concept art, so enjoy!





News and Con trip

News and Con trip published on

So, there have been a lot of changes going on, both on the site and behind the scenes.  One of the biggest is that we have been revamping the site all the way around.  Little things for the most part, but my time has been spent improving the site where I could to make the experience better for everyone.

Our staff is also expanding.  We have new people coming on, and there’s a lot of work being done on various comic projects.  I will mostly be releasing those on Twitter so that I don’t clog up the blog postings with incidental information.

One of the things that we have done is streamline the entire editorial process by utilising Google Docs for the writing process.  All of our scripts and pitches are now being evaluated on that platform, giving the writer and the Editorial Board a chance to work together to bring in the best writing that each author can produce.  Of course, in some ways this makess the process more brutal for the writer, but getting quick feedback from experienced people who are not worried about your ego is what every writer should be wanting.

And for those of you in Dallas, stop by the booth at the Dallas Comic Show this weekend.  We’re looking forward to meeting our fans.


(Road Trip!)

Some news on a new project!

Some news on a new project! published on

So this is the concept art for our new humour series.  It’s set at the Metahuman Observer, and will follow the lives of the reporters, and the people that they interact with.

We’re using Comipo to do this one, just so we can get the pages out fast when a joke comes to mind.  It’s a Manga style programme, but allows us to put together a humour strip quickly and easily.  In fact, if you have experience with Comipo and would like to help, let us know.

So keep an eye out, we should start posting pages of this soon.



(Getting lots of things done!)

North Texas Comic Book Show January 28-29th

North Texas Comic Book Show January 28-29th published on

Hey! We’re going to be at the show this weekend, and we will have two new books to show!

Johnny Reb and Warmage were sent to the printer this morning, and we will be picking them up Friday for the show Saturday and Sunday. We’re hoping to see some fans there, as well as make new ones, so come on over and mention where you know us from.

We also sent two new posters to the printer, and will have those at the show as well. Something cool for your wall!

(More stuff coming!)

North Texas Comic Book Show after report

North Texas Comic Book Show after report published on

We had a great time at the show, made some sales, and made some new fans!

In a lot of ways, we are edging into the con markets, as we have seen too many Conventions that were either not good fits for us, or didn’t have enough traffic to justify the expense of renting a booth. We are starting with cons that are in Dallas/Fort Worth or Houston, since those are places where we don’t have to rent a hotel room to run a booth. As we build up more product for the tables, we can see about branching out to places like Austin and San Antonio, but the long term goal is to be able to go to a convention anywhere and bring the world of NO-Earth to more people.

So, here’s a question: What types of merch are you more likely to buy at a Convention, beyond the comic itself? On-line?

(Hope to hear from some of you!)

Warmage is delayed

Warmage is delayed published on

Much as I wanted to have Warmage done for the North Texas Comic Con, it did not make it. The 3D programme that I use for that comic developed some problems, and so I missed the Print Deadline. We will still be at the show and will have copies of The Law of the Jungle, but no Warmage.

They should be available soon, as the problems with the Programme are almost fixed.


Just a few pieces of news

Just a few pieces of news published on

For those of you who are not doing so (which means most of you based on the follower numbers), we have both Facebook and Twitter open. You can follow us on both of them, and see posts and blogs show up in your feed.

NO-Earth mirrors our comics on Tapastic and Comic Fury. I am working on the changes to the site to bring these sites into closer connection with our main site, so that people on one site can have access to more of what makes this site a good resource for our fans. The other side of that will be joining together the comics on the mirror sites to encourage cross-over reading.

I have been working on Warmage for the last week, and starting to make some progress on it. We just need a few more pages till we can take that one to press, and I want to get it in print in time for the November North Texas Comic Con.

Hopefully, I will have some big news for you in the next few days. There are things at work.

(Thanks to everyone who has helped keep this going!)

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