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The NO-Earth Sketchbook Varies Our Sketchbook shows pieces from our artists, including concept art, character sketches, pin-ups, and whatever else they feel like drawing.  It’s an odd mix, and you should find it interesting.
The Law of the Jungle Spelledeg (Artist) and Eagle (Writer)    Melony Hawker has always known she was different.  But what she thought was a rare blood disease requiring daily injections turned out to be something different…Then her life turned out to be something different.
The Shadow War Eagle (Writer and Artist)  Mockingbird is the most famous and sought after industrial thief and spy in the first world.  His exploits are talked about quietly by both competitors and those who try to stop him.  He’s never slipped up.  Never come close to being caught.  He’s a Shadow.  All that changes now.
Pride John Bratus (Artist) and Eagle (Writer)  Leonard Smith and Susan Jones own and operate Smith and Jones Associates, a private Bounty Hunter and Prisoner Transport company located in the Republic of Texas.  But there are secrets and hidden emotions at work on their lives that will come to light.
Warmage Eagle (Writer and Artist Mary Sue Bierbaum is a talented and gifted Metaphysics student at the University of Columbia.  A simple class assignment turns her life upside down when a Love Spell gone awry summons an Elfish sorcerer from Atlantis.
Johnny Reb Ubeh Gabriel (Artist) and Eagle (Writer) The Confederate government decides to put together a fake superhero to infiltrate the vigilante underground.  As the team assembles and starts running their missions, doubt and uncertainty creep into this carefully picked group.  Conspiracy, Ensemble, Superheroes, Social and political
Dead Planet Jeffery Nolasco (Artist) and Sam Clevensy (Writer) If you really want to get away from it all, the planetary colonies are the place to do it. Away from the Govts, since the Corps have done all of the exploration. Welcome to H-1. Enjoy your stay.
NO-Earth Comics
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