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Collaborators Wanted

This page has gone through a lot of re-writes.   I constantly tweak it, and it’s had 38 revisions since it was originally published on March 6th, 2015.  Why?  Because I constantly get feedback, and am trying to make it responsive to the needs and desires of future collaborators.

Let’s start with a simple concept.  A shared universe.  NO-Earth already has everything needed for just about any type of story that you want to tell.  Magick, psionics, Artificial Intelligence, super powers, mutants, geners, Chi, cyberware, it’s all there.  And more is coming, since the background is still being edited and uploaded.  It’s a detailed sandbox to play in.

Some simple rules.  Characters you create belong to you.  Writing you do belongs to you.  Art belongs to you.   You can use other creator’s characters as long as you don’t ‘use them up’ (bonus points if you know where that rule came from).  You can even publish your creations elsewhere without giving up a percentage, since you will be granted a no-charge limited use license for the NO-Earth world to use in those projects.  The only requirement is that anything published from the NO-Earth world has to have a copy on this site.  I’ll be the editor for the time being, mostly to make sure continuity and canon are preserved, and that changes are well-thought out.  Eventually, someone else with a better skillset for the task will become the editor.   Any collaborator here is welcome to provide critiques for other collaborator’s works, as part of the advantage of a group of creators is the chance to improve by contact.

If you just want to draw, there are unattached scripts on the site already.  If you want to write, the background on the site constitutes a ‘writer’s bible’ and a more comprehensive writer’s guide is being prepared.  You don’t have to come to the table with a partner, or depending on your secondary skills as a writer or artist, you can exercise your primary skills to your heart’s content.  You also do not have to sign on for a series, as we need concept art.  NO-Earth is a wide open canvas for your to put your brushstrokes on.

What’s the bottom line?  My goal is to make this a profitable site.  The site is growing (traffic has doubled in the last 30 days), and the Uniques are coming, and the page views per session are staying in the 2.5 to 3.5 range, and those are all good signs.  There are other things planned that will expand the site, and bring in new viewers that I am not at liberty to discuss at this time, but will announce as they happen.  All profits from the site will be split amongst the creators based on contributions, and page views.

I’m a creator, I write, draw, ink, colour, and do the web development/promotion.  I’m here to help with all of that as the site grows, and the creative teams join up with each other.  We have 1 writer bringing a new title to the site soon, and another artist planning on doing something over summer break.

Posting schedules?  The nice thing about being a Co-Op site is that there’s always something being posted on the site, and the fan base will overlap.  It gives you breathing room you won’t have other places.  What’s more, I’ll help you adjust your posting schedule to let you build a buffer so that you can take time for other projects without leaving readers high and dry.

We also give you the tools to do the collaborations in the most comfort possible.   Behind the login on the site, we have the following features for collaborators:  Forums, filesharing, project management software, and a dedicated chat area for live conversations with your creative partners.

In the end, my intention is not to count on breaking into the industry, but to becoming part of the publishing industry as a viable comic company, with our own universe, characters, and creators doing what they like doing.  Creating.  This means print comics, e-books, and merchandise.  To do those things, we have to have an audience, a fanbase, as that’s the biggest mistake most startups make.  Trying to do those things before the fanbase is in place.


If you have any further questions, please E-Mail me.



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