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Collaboration Information

NO-Earth is based on collaborations.  Without them, it would be a very empty site.  The following pages layout what collaborators can expect on the site, and what the plans for the future are, as well as goals.


Collaborator’s General Overview Lays out the general philospohy of the site concerning collaborations.
What is NO-Earth?   A quick overview of what this site is all about.
A Shared Universe? An overview of what working on a shared universe means.
Collaborator’s Chart Shows the various projects being worked on, and which collaborators are working on them.
CO-OP Compensation Lays out how the CO-OP funds are distributed.
Art Guidelines A set of guidelines for potential artists for the site.
Writing Guidelines A set of guidelines for potential writers for the site.
Script Library The current library of scripts for the site that do not have an artist attached to them.


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