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CO-OP Compensation

First off, if this is the first page in this section that you are reading, you’re probably not here for the right reasons.  Comics is not something done for the love of money, but for the love of comics.

This site is a CO-OP.  We all pitch in to help each other, and we split the profits.  Everyone is in this based on the pages of comics (or other art and writing) they have contributed to the site.

The rest of the money is split according to ‘shares’.  What is a share?  The following things are shares, and they take effect the first full month following when they are completed.  If a page has been turned in, but not released out of the hopper, that counts as being completed.

So if you turn in something on the 12th of a month, that means your share starts the following month and continues into infinity from there.

  • There are 8 shares for each page, and they are either paid in that fashion, or the creative team can combine them and re-draw the lines on which they are split.
  • There are 8 shares for the cover, but the art Team gets all of those.
  • For every 10 pieces of concept art that are sent in and used in the background information, the artist gets a share.
  • Advertising banners and ads can also earn additional an additional  2 shares for every 5 ads for artists.
  • Writers can get additional shares (2 share per 5 articles) for background articles written outside of the required updates for additions to canon made by their scripts.
  • Being on the Editorial Board is worth 16 shares when the book the editor has worked on (start to finish) goes to print.

Each month the total income from ad revenue, tip jars, product sales, and Patreon are added together and split according to the total shares in the CO-OP.  A share continues to draw income for all time it is on the site.  Since the only way a page is ever taken down is if you abandon a book in the middle of an issue, and a new artist redraws those pages, this is effectively forever, even if you are no long creating for the site.

Why do you always get a share?  If it helps, think of it as a royalty.   In addition to the people that new material brings in, the archives are an important part of site traffic.  A new page in a comic spikes views of all pages in the comic, and can also spike views of other comics on the site.  The more material that is on the site, the more readers have to look at when they want their NO-Earth fix.

Now, the reality.  Currently, the monthly shares are very low.   Now, this share value gets credited every month.  In other words, if you have 10 shares, you will get the money for those ten shares every month, period.  These funds are cumulative and will be paid after a creator’s account reaches $10.  As the site grows, the monthly share value will grow as well, but it is going to take a number of months before the share values grow high enough for someone to be doing this for the money.


(and I will answer any questions you have in comments or e-mail)

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