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North Texas Comic Book Show after report

North Texas Comic Book Show after report published on

We had a great time at the show, made some sales, and made some new fans!

In a lot of ways, we are edging into the con markets, as we have seen too many Conventions that were either not good fits for us, or didn’t have enough traffic to justify the expense of renting a booth. We are starting with cons that are in Dallas/Fort Worth or Houston, since those are places where we don’t have to rent a hotel room to run a booth. As we build up more product for the tables, we can see about branching out to places like Austin and San Antonio, but the long term goal is to be able to go to a convention anywhere and bring the world of NO-Earth to more people.

So, here’s a question: What types of merch are you more likely to buy at a Convention, beyond the comic itself? On-line?

(Hope to hear from some of you!)

Warmage is delayed

Warmage is delayed published on

Much as I wanted to have Warmage done for the North Texas Comic Con, it did not make it. The 3D programme that I use for that comic developed some problems, and so I missed the Print Deadline. We will still be at the show and will have copies of The Law of the Jungle, but no Warmage.

They should be available soon, as the problems with the Programme are almost fixed.


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