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The Law of the Jungle – Page 8

The Law of the Jungle – Page 8 published on

  Another page on this comic.  The plot takes an interesting curve here. 



(Spelledeg's artwork makes talking heads look good)

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! published on

  Just a little fun artwork from Spelledeg, the artist on The Law of the Jungle, which has a new page coming out Monday. 


  So from everyone here at NO-Earth Comics, we hope your holidays are joyous and bring you what you desire!



(And everyone else!)


News! published on

It’s been a while!


There have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes.  Some good, some bad.


There have been some massive problems with internet access here, since ATT is now refusing to provide service for our DSL line, us being 200 feet over the limit from the closest node.  We have a T1 line being installed next week, but until then doing any major changes on the site is out.  I have spent most of the day trying to do simple changes to the front page, and it is a mess right now.

Next, we have a huge pile of submissions, but we are working our way through them.  My e-mail is not reliable, and it is lying to me when it tells me that a message has been successfully sent.  That should clear up when we get new internet access.  If your stuff is in the pile, don’t worry, it is going to get dealt with, and we are working on it.

Warmage is up and running now, and I have been able to get pages uploaded, but it’s taking a while.  Sometimes I have to go to someplace with wi-fi just to get a page on the site, but it is getting done.

On that note, we have a buffer again.  We are going to keep on the Monday posting schedule until the buffer is nice and big again.  I am listing what the current buffer is on the Site Calendar page.

We will be going to print with the comics we have completed in June of next year (Actually, we will have them printed by June, we are going to print in May).  Keep an eye out, since getting comics printed has been one of the goals from the start.

And finally, we are working with several companies getting a t-shirt business set up.  We have four covers that look nice enough to go on shirts, so that is going to be the first step.



(We also lost most of the blogs when the site transferred to the new theme)


Warmage Page 4

Warmage Page 4 published on

  And here we are back in Atlantis.  I think you should all be used to the time switching by now.  Feel free to leave comments, no login required.



(And check the calendar for updates)

Warmage – Page 3

Warmage – Page 3 published on

  Part of the delay for this page was having to build the huge set of the college campus and the row of buildings that house the girl's apartments.  Fortunately, I already have the next set built, and the costuming done for it.  Hope you're enjoying the story. 



(And I know this page fails the Bechdal test, but the book doesn't)

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