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   Welcome to an alternate History world with a rich and varied background.

The Shadow world is hidden away from the nightly newscasts and 'ordinary' people's conversation.  The sheeple keep their collective head in the sand and hope that nothing intrudes on their comfortable lives.

  Magick, Psionics, and Chi came bursting out of legend on Hellnight in 1996, and humans have had to learn to live with these powers among them.

Meta-Powered beings roam the planet.  Heroes, Anti-heroes, Vigilantes, or criminals?  It all depends on where you stand on the issue, and what the local laws are.

Crime has been almost eradicated in some places, but holds power resembling that of a feudal warlord in other places.

Ancient beings still live, and control their own spheres of influence with patience and guile learned from 20,000 years of power struggles, but the times have changed since Hellnight.

Cyberware has been common for over 20 years, starting as myo-electric but advancing to the point that it can no longer be spotted by the average person.

The Monsters of the night are real, and only a few brave men and women have the nerve and skills to hunt them.

Giant Corporations (Corps) have the powers of small nations, and have their own lands, police, and even military.


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Eagle's Blog Posts

  • An Apology

    For those of you not aware, I have been dealing with Cancer for the last year.  This means that I had to prioritise everything that I was doing, as I was stuck in bed for 9 months of that.  Things such as the website and posting comics fell farther down the list than making comics. … Continue reading An Apology Read more »

  • Spellbound is coming!

    So we have a new script by Kerry Brunell that has finished the Editorial process, and have an artist for the series, Joe Tolliver. This one will be included in our 2018 production schedule (which will include a new comic being published every month) Spellbound is set in New Baltimore, a city rebuilt after Hellnight,… Continue reading Spellbound is coming! Read more »

  • News and Con trip

    So, there have been a lot of changes going on, both on the site and behind the scenes.  One of the biggest is that we have been revamping the site all the way around.  Little things for the most part, but my time has been spent improving the site where I could to make the… Continue reading News and Con trip Read more »

  • Some news on a new project!

    So this is the concept art for our new humour series.  It’s set at the Metahuman Observer, and will follow the lives of the reporters, and the people that they interact with. We’re using Comipo to do this one, just so we can get the pages out fast when a joke comes to mind.  It’s… Continue reading Some news on a new project! Read more »

  • North Texas Comic Book Show January 28-29th

    Hey! We’re going to be at the show this weekend, and we will have two new books to show! Johnny Reb and Warmage were sent to the printer this morning, and we will be picking them up Friday for the show Saturday and Sunday. We’re hoping to see some fans there, as well as make… Continue reading North Texas Comic Book Show January 28-29th Read more »

  • North Texas Comic Book Show after report

    We had a great time at the show, made some sales, and made some new fans! In a lot of ways, we are edging into the con markets, as we have seen too many Conventions that were either not good fits for us, or didn’t have enough traffic to justify the expense of renting a… Continue reading North Texas Comic Book Show after report Read more »

  • Warmage is delayed

    Much as I wanted to have Warmage done for the North Texas Comic Con, it did not make it. The 3D programme that I use for that comic developed some problems, and so I missed the Print Deadline. We will still be at the show and will have copies of The Law of the Jungle,… Continue reading Warmage is delayed Read more »

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