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Not Our Earth


   Welcome to an alternate History world with a rich and varied background.

The Shadow world is hidden away from the nightly newscasts and 'ordinary' people's conversation.  The sheeple keep their collective head in the sand and hope that nothing intrudes on their comfortable lives.

  Magick, Psionics, and Chi came bursting out of legend on Hellnight in 1996, and humans have had to learn to live with these powers among them.

Meta-Powered beings roam the planet.  Heroes, Anti-heroes, Vigilantes, or criminals?  It all depends on where you stand on the issue, and what the local laws are.

Crime has been almost eradicated in some places, but holds power resembling that of a feudal warlord in other places.  Location³.

Ancient beings still live, and control their own spheres of influence with patience and guile learned from 10,ooo years of power struggles, but the times have changed since Hellnight.

Cyberware has been common for over 20 years, starting as myo-electric but advancing to the point that it can no longer be spotted by the average person.

The Monsters of the night are real, and only a few brave men and women have the nerve and skills to hunt them.

Giant Corporations (Corps) have the powers of small nations, and have their own lands, police, and even military.


Eagle's Blog Posts

  • We had a great time at the show, made some sales, and made some new fans! In a lot of ways, we are edging into the con markets, as we have seen too many Conventions that were either not good fits for us, or didn’t have enough traffic to justify the expense of renting a...Read more »

  • Much as I wanted to have Warmage done for the North Texas Comic Con, it did not make it. The 3D programme that I use for that comic developed some problems, and so I missed the Print Deadline. We will still be at the show and will have copies of The Law of the Jungle,...Read more »

  • We’re going to be at the North Texas Comic Con the 5th of November! We will have a new Law of the Jungle poster, and the first issue of Warmage. Be sure to stop by and say hi if you’re going to be at the Con. Eagle (Looking foward to meeting new people!)Read more »

  • For those of you who are not doing so (which means most of you based on the follower numbers), we have both Facebook and Twitter open. You can follow us on both of them, and see posts and blogs show up in your feed. NO-Earth mirrors our comics on Tapastic and Comic Fury. I am...Read more »

  • We’ve got a lot going on at the moment. First off, Dead Planet has an artist now, and I will be posting pages of the book in the rotation. This means I need to go clean up the Site Calendar, but I needed to do that anyway. Dead Planet takes place on Mars, and I...Read more »


TLOTJ-01-COV   Set in the state of Columbia, in the United States of America, this story is a coming of age tale of Melony Hawker.  She grows up a in a loving household, never knowing the supernatural secret hidden within her.  Paranormal, Action, Adventure
cover-3  Set in Houston in the Republic of Texas, Leonard Smith and his wife, Susan Jones run Smith, Jones, and Associates, a Bounty Hunter and Fugitive Transport company.  Action, Adventure, Relationships, Mystery, Special Abilities
TSW-cov01     Based in the Republic of Texas, but operating all over the world, Mockingbird is a legendary industrial espionage and theft expert with a secret Meta-Power.  He's on his last run, when one little thing goes wrong.
Action, Mystery, Shadow, Meta-Power, Conspiracy
Warmage-cover  The most powerful Mage in Atlantis is brought forward to the modern day by a student witch attempting a love spell.  Gwwlyrd Mrylnd finds himself in a land that he was not prepared for, attempting to learn new customs and technology before his ancient foes can marshal their modern forces.  Magick, Humour, Romance, Adventure, Atlantis


23 thoughts on “Welcome to NO-Earth Comics!

  1. I’m an artist with a history of producing content for the web. I know how to build a buffer and I’m looking to expand my career. I think no-earth is the perfect opportunity to do that.

    I’m extremely loyal, and love the art of storytelling and sequential art.

    I sent you an email on the weekend. Did it great through?

    • Sorry, the answer function wasn’t working yesterday. We are working our way through the mail stack, and your’s is in it.

      (Patience, please)

  2. Hello, I am interested in contributing to the story as a writer and/or artist. I reside within the United States, and I am a traditional artist.

    Thank you for your time.

    • I see that you are a traditional Manga artist. This is a good thing, and I have sent you an E-Mail to discuss things further with you.

      (This might work out)

      • Hello, I have not received an e-mail from you in my inbox. I had sent an e-mail to you a few hours ago, if you still like to have further discussions with me.

        Thank you.

        • There was a short delay. You have the e-mail now, but I wanted to run your DA page past another artist, and see if they felt the same way I did about it.

          (We’re swamped, but still getting the mail out)

  3. I am very interested in pitching to you guys. I’m a writer over here in England and I’m liking what I’m seeing here a whole lot. Question before I set to work… I’m not seeing anything but I may have missed it, have you touched upon Europe/England/the UK in general with No-Earth yet?

    • Let’s see here. The only thing that I have really done with the European history is adjusted some of the Templar history, and messed with the reign of King John.

      First, I am a sick bird (And no Ill Eagle comments), so I had a newly outlawed Robert of Lockesly break Arthur of Brittany out of the Tower in 1203, and put him on the throne in 1205. He reigns until 1216, and is the one to sign the Magna Carta under very different circumstances, and with some changes to the document. This results in a stronger monarchy, but that’s about all I’ve done.

      In other words, someone coming in with some ideas for Europe would be a great thing, and we would welcome it.

      (And would love to see stories set there)

    • Thanks, Phillip! Working on resolving several on-going issues such as responsive images for higher resolution monitors and some back-end problems I was having with the previous comic plug in I was using. And I just wanted to do a new, spiffier design.

      (Old Bird learning new tricks)

  4. Yes I checked my email. I did not recieve anything. I am going to use another address so hopefully this one work. Sorry about this

  5. Hey, I’ve been trying to get in contact with you. I am a writer

    • Did you happen to check your E-Mail? I sent you one yesterday.

      (I will resend)

  6. Hi, I’m Phani a new aspiring writer. I tried to do art but it sucked the worst.
    so, thoght only to stick with the writing. first write in a novel’s format, then convert into comic format.
    I just want to know how we can pitch on the site n where.

    • Thanks! I’m hoping it is taking off!

      (Birds are supposed to be good at takeoffs)

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